Jazz / Jazz Troupe

Jazz technique classes aim to challenge and grow our dancers in important dance techniques, especially jazz. These classes have a large focus on flexibility and strength, as we believe it is important for our dancers to continue developing these skills correctly to avoid injuries. Our Jazz classes are structured with centre work, across the floor and choreography. We focus on the fundamental techniques needed to properly do jumps, kicks and turns, aiming to help our students develop their skills readying them for their performance classes. Over the course of the year, we see improvement in our students confidence, technique and flexibility.

Jazz Troupe
Jazz Troupes are our competitive teams that represent the school in Eisteddfods and community performances. These classes challenge students to learn elite choreography and to work together as a team. Troupe students show a desire to concentrate their efforts in dance and are required show a higher level of commitment.

*Please note: Jazz Technique is a pre-requisite for Jazz Troupe.