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About OneMaker Academy

OneMaker Academy aims to build and nurture a creative community that is inspired in all aspects of the arts with a strong emphasis on excellence in teaching and performance.

OMA is an initiative of Pacific Hills Christian School but operates as its own entity focused on national and international creative arts market places. We are located at the front of Pacific Hills in a new multi-million dollar facility catering for industry leading educational and performance-based services.

Our Mission - MAKE.DREAMS.Rise.

To bring glory to God by encouraging excellence in all aspects of creative and performance development.

Nurture and cultivate creative expression, natural abilities and musical potential through establishing successful band programs, dance programs and creative initiatives


I Am Confident In My Created Image

The joy of personal achievement through self-motivation and hard work begins to shape a student's self-worth and work ethic. Dance coaching under a teacher who understands this can foster the most beneficial progress in a young student's journey with integrity. This is supremely important to our OMA team, which is why we refer to our Dance Teachers as 'Dance Mentors'.

Nurturing and development is successful with the support of parents and regular practice times at home. Most personal achievement is accomplished during this time, demonstrating self-discipline and motivation. The OMA Dance program invites students to succeed in a safe and encouraging atmosphere, building a health self-image through appropriate attire, powerful choreography and a highly talented mentor team.


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Culture, Attendance & Participation: Please be aware of the dance culture of our progarm ans the performance expectation of each member. A summary of expectations and attitude are listed below:

  • Be ready to learn, be inspired, reach for new achievements and be ok with making mistakes
  • Behave with respect, responsibility and friendliness at all times

Failure to commit to the above requirements of Dance membership may results in removal from the class.

Injury: While all care is taken, Pacific Hills or OMA cannot be responsible for accidents or injury. Dance does have risks and participation in all classes is at the student's own risk. This may include but is not limited to sprains, broken/dislocated bones, twisted ankles or knees etc. If you have an illness or injury, you must inform the OMA office and the Dance Mentor before commencement of class. If you obtain an injury during class time, you will be assessed for severity and managed by OMA staff.

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