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General Terms and Conditions

Administration Fee 
An annual administration fee is applicable to all students. In 2019, this will change to a single fee across all OMA's lesson offerings. Please refer to the enrolment form for the fee applicable to your enrolments. Where students enrol, withdraw, and re-enrol during the same school year, the fee is still only charged once per year. 

The charges for all lessons are based on a 9 week school term. Please note that all prices displayed were correct at the time of printing. 

Student families will be issued an invoice for the term after week 4 of each school term. Billed fees are due to be paid within 7 days after the end of term. OMA fees for Pacific Hills Christian School (PHCS) student families will be included in their PHCS fee account. 

10% GST is applicable on all fees charged to Non-PHCS student families. 

Mid-Term Enrolments 
Fees will be pro-rated for mid-term enrolments. 

Family Discount 
A 7% family discount is applicable to enrolments of more than 1 student per term from the same immediate family. The discount will be applied on the total of the invoice for the term prior to the application of scholarships and excludes any exam fees or ad-hoc costs. 

Payment Methods 
Payment in person for invoices may be made via the School reception. The School accepts the following types of payments: 

  • Cash 
  • Cheque made out to Pacific Hills Christian Education Limited - Please quote the invoice number. 
  • Credit Card - Please note that a 1.5% processing fee is applicable on all credit card payments. 

Electronic payments: 

  • Direct Deposit to PHCS - BSB (302 985) Account Number (0102868) - Please quote invoice number. 
  • For PHCS students - Parents may use their BPAY account details to settle their OMA invoice on their school fee account. 

Late or No Payment 
A student may not be re-enrolled for the following term if fees from prior term are outstanding. 

Cancellation Policy 
By enrolling in classes, you commit to a service contract for a full Term. Any student withdrawals during the term will require payment till the end of the agree term, as we do not offer refunds. Any special requests maybe considered and must be provided to OMA in writing via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Refunds and Credits 

Group Lessons 
Group lessons are billed for the full term. No refunds or credits will be offered for missed group lessons. 

Private Lessons 
3 Days Notice is required for private lessons to be canceled or rescheduled for any reason. If 3 days notice is not given, the lesson will still be charged. Should a student leave OMA, a credit will be given to their PHCS fee account. 

Make-Up Lessons/ Missed Lessons (Private Lessons) 
Make up lessons are not provided should a student be unable to attend. Absences MUST be advised to the OMA office (not the tutor.) 

Additional Lessons (Private Lessons) 
Additional lessons over and above the first 9 weeks of the term will be billed on top of the termly fee and are subject to availability. 

Student Pick Ups 
PHCS Junior School: Students will be collected and returned to their class. This is part of the lesson time. 

PHCS Middle & Senior School: Students will be required to arrive on time for their lesson. Lessons cannot be extended for late arrival.

The minimum commitment of tuition is 1 term. NO refund or credit is provided for mid-term withdrawals.

Students wishing to withdrawl in Term 4 must advise at the start of Term 3 as End of Year Concert Dances are in progress and costumes are ordered and charged in Term 3.

Please advise OMA in writing of any intention to withdraw by the last day of each prior school term via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please speak with your tutor prior to submitting a formal complaint.

Formal complaints are to be made in writing and can be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Communication between Tutors/ Parents
Parents requiring communication with tutors must contact the OMA office who will liaise with the tutor to find a suitable time.

Trial Lessons
One trial lesson may be undertaken per student for Dance classes after an enrolment form has been received. This dance class will not be charged to the parent. However, if parents do not notify OMA that their child does not wish to continue with the enrolment after the trial lesson, it will be deemed that the student will commence the following week and parents will be charged for the entire term.


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