Band Program

Dural Public School Band Program

Dural Public School Bands are run by OneMaker Academy, in that we provide the conductors, music and instrumental hire to the students.

We have two concert bands, one for beginners and one for more advanced students. Students are usually in the Beginner Concert Band for one or two years as they first begin learning their instruments, and then progress onto the Senior Band.

Fees Schedule

Annual Fees

Annual Dural Public School Band Enrolment Fee


Applies to all Bands Except Beginner Band

Non-Refundable Music Camp Deposit Fee


Instrument Book Charge (Per Book)



Band Program

DPS Bands/Ensemble (Per School Term)


DPS Junior or Senior Band (Per School Term)



Private Music Tuition (Weekly or Fortnightly Classes)

30 Minute Class


60 Minute Class


Note: For all Bands & Choirs, Music camp attendance during Term 2 is compulsory. A non-refundable camp deposit of $150 will be charged upon enrolment.

General Terms and Conditions

Administration and Performance Fees
An administration fee charged once per calendar year is applicable to all students, regardless of the number of enrolments across OMA.
An annual performance fee is charged for Dance Company and Performance Troupe enrolments as well as for all Band/ensemble and Choir enrolments, excluding Beginner Band.

Non-refundable Music Camp Deposit
Music camp is compulsory for every enrolment in band ensemble or choir. A non-refundable camp deposit of $150 will be charged upon enrolment for the year.

Enrolment Period
Upon enrolment you commit to a minimum enrolment period of one school term. Instrument Hire, Band/ensembles and Dance performance troupes are one (1) calendar year commitments. All other enrolments will roll forward termly until the end of a calendar year, unless written notice of withdrawal is given by the end of the current school term.

Withdrawal notice
NO refund or credit is provided for mid-term withdrawals. OMA must be advised in writing by the last day of the current PHCS school term that a student will be withdrawn from commencement of the following term. Dance students wishing to withdraw at the start of Term 4, must advise at the commencement of Term 3 as End of Year Concert dances are in progress and costumes are ordered during Term 3. Notice must be provided via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
No notice is required at the end of a school year, as all enrolments expire at the end of each PHCS school year.

Number of Lessons per School Term
The average number of lessons for all enrolments are based on a 9-week PHCS school term. The term fee for bands/ensemble are fixed regardless of the weeks per school term. Private tuition is charged per lesson as applicable for each week that OMA operates during any given school term. The maximum allowed cancellation for private tuition without charge are 2 lessons per term with 3 days’ notice given. Missed lessons beyond the 2 allowed and lessons missed without 3 days’ notice will still be charged.

Invoices for class enrolments and related fees will be issued termly, in arrears, at conclusion of a school term. Invoices for ad-hoc services such as dance camps and music camps will be issued as services rendered. Invoices for costume fees or performance tickets will be issued upon the finalisation of costs being incurred by OMA. Invoices are due to be paid as noted per invoice due dates. For standard term invoices this is usually within 14 days of issue date and for ad-hoc invoices 7 days from issue date.

10% GST is applicable on all fees charged to Non-PHCS student families. Prices include GST where applicable.

Mid-Term Enrolments
Fees are pro-rated for mid-term enrolments.

Family Discount
A 7% family discount is applicable to enrolments of more than 1 student per term from the same immediate family. The discount will be applied on the total of the class price for the term, prior to the application of scholarships and excludes any exam fees or ad-hoc costs.

Payment Methods
Payment in person for invoices may be made via the School reception. The School accepts the following types of payments:

  • Cash
  • Cheques to be made out to Pacific Hills Christian Education Limited - Please quote the invoice number.
  • Credit Card - Please note that a 1.5% processing fee is applicable on all credit card payments.
  • Direct Deposit to PHCS - BSB (062 000) Account Number (16958164) - Please quote invoice number.

Late or No Payment
A student may not be re-enrolled for the following term if fees from prior term are outstanding.

Notice of Absence
For group classes or band, the term charges will apply regardless of student attendances. For private tuition lessons you need to provide 3-business days’ written notice of absence to cancel a lesson. This cancellation includes reasons (but is not limited to) such as sickness, camps, excursions, exams or holidays. This is limited to cancellation of maximum 2 lessons per term. Notice of absence must be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Missed lessons beyond the 2 allowed and lessons missed without 3 days’ notice will still be charged.

Additional Private Tuition Lessons
Make up lessons will not be provided should a student be unable to attend a lesson. An additional lesson can be scheduled if required (dependent on availability) at the regular tutor cost of your lesson.

Please speak with your tutor prior to submitting a formal complaint.
Formal complaints are to be made in writing and can be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Communication Between Tutors / Parents
Parents requiring communication with tutors can use the Music Tuition Diary or contact the OMA office who will liaise with the tutor to agree a suitable time to meet.

Lessons During School Hours
For any enrolments during school hours, students in Junior school will be collected by the tutors. The collection and return time will form part of the allocated lesson time. Middle & Senior school students are requested to present themselves at the scheduled time at the OMA office for their lessons. Lesson times cannot be extended for late arrivals.

Private Music Tuition

Instrument Ownership
Students are required to have access to their own instrument at school and at home.
All instruments are available for hire through OMA or through our suggested instrument supplier. Please refer to the Instrument Hire section for more information and pricing.

Exams/Instrument Grading
OMA provides the option for students to work towards exams and instrument grading.
Most students who take this option work through the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB), but other options can be discussed with individual tutors. These are not compulsory for students. Students undertaking examinations should budget for exam registrations (approx..$100), course book requirements (approx $70 - $100) plus a further cost for an accompanist for rehearsals and performances.
Student books may be a requirement for any of our tuition services and parents need to buy this outright or if organized by tutor, this will be charged accordingly. Replacement of damaged or lost books (where on loan) will be charged accordingly.

Band and Choir Membership

Performance and Rehearsal Requirements
It is an expectation that as part of an ensemble that each student will attend weekly rehearsals and performances and eisteddfods as required. Failure to attend without prior written parental notice may result in student being asked to leave the ensemble. Permission notes and information on performances will be sent home as required.

Music Camp
It is compulsory for every student enrolled in a band or choir to attend Music Camp. The Music Camp will be held near the end of Term 2. Permission forms will be required to be completed.

Band Uniform
All Band members are required to wear full formal school uniform for performances. Some performances may require ‘blacks’- long sleeved black shirt and black long pants with black socks and clean polished shoes.

Instrument Hire
Instruments available for hire through OMA is set out on our website. Please refer to the Instrument Hire section for more information and pricing.

Private Tuition
A mandatory component of the Band Program is that students attend at least one weekly private music tuition lesson, which can be with OMA or elsewhere.

Music Sheets
Students are provided with music sheets during the course of their band membership. Copyright licenses are attached to these music sheets and OMA is only permitted to make a limited number of copies. A $30 (excl GST) replacement fee will be levied should a student misplace and/or lose the music sheets provided.

Instrument Hire

Instrument Ownership
Ownership of the hired instrument does not transfer to the hirer, but remains with OMA or the external instrument provider.
The individual who has hired the instrument must not sell, lend, lease, assign, mortgage, pledge for pawn or otherwise deal with the instrument in such a way that it leaves the individual's control.

Hire Term
Instrument hire period is one school year. (Please Note, NOT calendar year). A request for cancellation of hire during any year will still require the full hire period of one year to be paid.
No credits, refunds or pro-ration of the annual hire fee will apply even if the hired instrument is returned to OMA before the end of the year.

Instrument Care
The individual who has hired the instrument is responsible for:
Maintaining the instrument in the same condition as it was prior to rental.

  • The purchase of consumables such as reeds, strings, oils, greases and all other items expected for use.
  • The cleaning of the interior of the instrument after use to keep it in proper and good working condition.

Theft, Loss and Damage
Parents/ Guardians are responsible to return the instrument hired from OMA in the same condition in which it was supplied to them or, they will be charged the replacement value for PHCS instruments or price as charged by the external instrument provider to cover all damage/theft/loss of the instrument hired.
OMA must be notified within 48 hours of any loss, theft or damage of the hired instrument.
The person who has hired the instrument must not, at any time, attempt to repair or change the instrument in any way, shape or form. In the event of a damaged instrument, the person who has hired the instrument must contact OMA to conduct an assessment of the damaged instrument.
A damaged instrument shall not be taken to any repairer without OMA's prior authorisation.

Instruments will be ready for pick up from the OMA office once the instrument hire enrolment has been processed.

Renewal of Hire
Contracts can only be renewed for another year upon return, inspection and service of the hired instrument. This is also conditional upon receipt of full payment for the previous hire period.

Return of Instrument and Hire over Term 4 School Holidays
Hired instruments must be returned at the end of the hire period to the OMA office as follows:
For PHCS Students: by the last day of Term 4 of any given school year
For DPS students: the day after DPSs presentation day at the end of Term 4.
Failing to return instruments in line with the above set conditions will incur a late instrument return fee of $50 and will lead to the instrument not being serviced for the following year’s use by that family. The servicing of that instrument will then have to be organised and paid by the hirer in line with requirements and providers as prescribed by OMA.
Holiday Instrument Hire can be arranged by completing a form and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. The charge for Holiday Hire will be invoiced during Term 1 of the year, immediately following the period of rental.

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