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Band Camp 2017

Band Camp 2017 was an incredible time of music making, where students grew in their abilities as musicians and enjoyed spending time together as a community. Students from Year 2 to Year 12 were challenged musically and many were surprised by their accomplishments after only 3 short days. Band camp provides an excellent opportunity for students to perform together in such a concentrated time period that just isn’t feasible for the rest of the year. The Creative Arts faculty is grateful to Pacific Hills for supporting an event like this and encouraging our students to grow in their God given gifts.

Pacific Hills Christian School Bands were again joined by Dural Public School Bands (who are facilitated by OMA) for the camp, which meant we were able to create larger groups with a variety of students. This is the second time the two schools have come together for band camp and it is proving to be a productive partnership. It was fantastic to see students sharing their musical abilities together with new friends. PHCS Concert Bands 2 & 3 and DPS Senior Band combined for several rehearsals and thoroughly enjoyed playing in a combined band.

Day 2 of camp was filled with tutorials. Students rehearsed in their bands and then split into instrumental sections. These sessions were led by the excellent Tutoring Staff from OMA. In these sessions students were able to work on troubling passages from the pieces, refine their technique and be encouraged and inspired. At the end of Day 2, every student joined together and created an ‘uber band’ to rehearse our combined piece, Hooked on a Feeling. This was an amazing experience to be a part of as students (and teachers) were struck by the sheer volume and power an ensemble that size is capable of creating.

Day 3 saw another full day of rehearsals and tutorials, as well as another ‘uber band’ rehearsal. As students finished their time at Band Camp, many left exhausted but extremely proud of what they had achieved over the course of 3 challenging and exciting days.

We would like to thank Mrs Pauling for organising the entire camp, Mrs Cadwallader, Mr Yabsley-Bell, Miss McDougall, Mrs Witts, Mr Lewis, Mrs Maude, Mr Cox, Mr Mok, Ms Sze and all of the staff from Dural Public School for their help in making Band Camp 2017 a success.


Following hot on the heels of Band Camp was the Band Showcase held in the Pacific Hills Performing Arts Centre and what a brilliant effort by all of the students from both Pacific Hills and Dural Public. Keep up the great work everyone!

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